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Providing “Over the Top” Valuable Content

What was I Thinking?

The other day I was thinking, “What is it that really makes me engage with a website, blog or YouTube channel?” and “What makes me come back for more?”

After giving it some thought I decided that I’m drawn to people who seem to give more than they ask for on a topic I’m keen on.  So when I discover someone on social media or a blog site providing not just a little more value – but “over the top” value – hey I’m engaged.

It seems there are some individuals that pump out valuable content at a pace that is dizzying and on topics that I’m keen on.

Some don’t even have a product or service to sell.  They are just passionate about teaching or sharing the knowledge and wisdom they have acquired over the years.

If you’re fortunate enough to discover someone like this – bookmark ‘em or subscribe to their channel.

My blogging journey is just beginning and this website very new – July 2017 so my content is just starting to show up.

My goal though is to be one of these people – who provide “over the top value” without being obnoxiously salesy.  Sure I have some products to sell but my main goal is to build an audience that appreciates the content that I provide.

During the last couple months I’ve been searching YouTube and Google for help and guidance on blogging and Facebook advertising and discovered two people who provide information to such an awesome “over the top” degree that I wanted to share who they are.

Hopefully you will find their content as useful as I did.

Miles Beckler

I found Miles Beckler on YouTube while searching for help on Facebook advertising.  Miles has created literally dozens of videos on this topic.  Everything from the basics of how to set up a Facebook ad campaign, determining your perfect customer or avatar to retargeting and analytics Miles has created a literal video library of content that is uber fantastic.  He obviously is very successful at what he does because he teaches with a smooth confidence that is easy to watch and very understandable.  You can tell he is passionate about passing along the knowledge he has acquired with no strings attached.

It doesn’t stop with Facebook advertising.  Miles has created videos on funnel building, YouTube strategies, affiliate marketing, mindset hacks and much more.  I couldn’t even count the number of videos he has on his channel.

If you are new to internet marketing or a seasoned pro I suggest you check out Miles Beckler and see for yourself how he has raised the bar in providing “over the top” valuable content.

Miles Beckler Youtube channel >

Miles Beckler Facebook >

Miles Beckler website >

Tanya Aliza

I discovered Tanya Aliza on YouTube as well while looking for ways to generate more leads from Facebook.

Her video was just the door opener for Tanya as she not only discusses lead generation but her content on lead prospecting and brand development is second to none (and I’ve seen a lot of others).

Tanya has developed an online presence and message with YouTube and her blog that is seamless and totally congruent with someone that knows internet marketing from soup to nuts.

Tanya has literally dozens of highly engaging blogs and videos on a wide range of topics that give “over the top” value.

I was particularly impressed with Tanya’s program on how to set up a blog to help brand yourself as an expert in your niche.

Her step by step approach is designed for the beginner in mind with a comprehensive tutorial program and mastermind group.

If you have any desire to take your marketing or blogging efforts to the next level I highly recommend you watch Tanya’s weekly webinar to learn more (register here).

I know it helped me immensely in my business!

Tanya Aliza


If you have anyone that you’ve discovered that provides “over the top” valuable content in internet marketing please let us know in the comments section below.


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