It's great to meet You!  My name is Vince van Lierop

Have you wondered if there’s MORE to life?
That there’s something BIG out there waiting for you or
you have something burning inside of you to inspire and make an impact?

If you told me I would have two multi-million dollar companies, be TRAVELING THE WORLD, retiring early and living a LIFE OF LUXURY, I would have said you were crazy … well it’s TRUE and much more!

Most if not all my teachers in high school told me I would not amount to anything. I had no discipline, no focus, I was lazy, disruptive – the truth is, I was bored stiff. I could not get with the program because the program did not inspire me.

In fact I am very much disciplined, focused, and energetic – I just needed to find my PASSION of becoming an entrepreneur and business owner. Even from a very young age I knew that I was DESTINED to one day start and grow my own business.

After college I took a job to support my family and slugged it out climbing the corporate ladder to eventually running a Canadian subsidiary. I was working 45+ hours per week running myself ragged for someone else to get rich from my efforts! It just didn’t seem right! Then in the year 2000 OPPORTUNITY knocked and I was able to leave my job and start my own DREAM business distributing the exact same products I was selling before – except now I was a making all the profits for my business! From my basement office I built our first web page to host and sell these products. Over time I outgrew my basement, hired some help, one employee grew to three, then five and ten. We moved into a nice office and warehouse – found more products to sell – more inventory, more HASSLES, and even LESS TIME to enjoy my family and money!! Hey wait a minute! Aren’t I supposed to be FREER, and HAPPIER? The truth is I was SHACKLED to my business with no escape route!

I had to make a LIFE-CHANGING decision. So in 2016 I sold half my business and started my journey to find an online business that would give me the INCOME I NEED and not the burden of a brick and mortar business that would tie me down. My goodness I found all sorts of CRAP out there on the web! Everyone and their uncle is selling a how to this and a how to that program. MOST ARE JUST TRYING TO TAKE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY! To be honest I was losing hope – until one day I virtually tripped over a program that caught my eye.

I watched some introduction videos and knew immediately that the founder and MENTOR of this community is GENUINE in his desire to REALLY TEACH his students how to make their internet business grow. I was blown away by the vision of the system and the income EARNING POTENTIAL of it. I joined as a lifetime member right away. I am amazed at the VALUE and SUCCESS this system is delivering to its members AND MYSELF! Story after story of big income streams from multiple sources – some without even having to do any marketing for. It is an AMAZING SYSTEM, with an amazing mentor and amazing people! I have found my new business!!!!

Your dreams are possible, whatever they are. For me I needed to be introduced to the RIGHT SYSTEM, and more importantly, the right group of people to show me that it is possible to live a freer lifestyle.

And I can help you reach the same lifestyle . . . this LIFESTYLE is truly possible for anyone – yes YOU too.

Imagine traveling the world like never before. No longer needing to return back home to the same 9-5 job!

Palm trees, beaches, mountains, exotic cities, experiencing different foods, hanging out with friends, just living LIFE on YOUR TERMS.

This is all truly POSSIBLE.

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