A “Done For You” Marketing System – The Key to Online Success

Experience is Key

Anyone that is involved in selling digital products, e-courses, or membership sites will realize quickly that there is a tremendous amount of work involved in setting up your online presence including creating your product or service, purchasing a domain name, hosting your domain, creation of a website, developing a sales funnel with landing page, sales page, video sales letters, payment gateways etc. etc.

This doesn’t even take into account producing a look and feel for your website, products, graphics, logos or a million other little details.  The bottom line is coming up with your own “system” is not for the beginner or even intermediate internet marketer.  Leave it to the pros until you’ve been actively marketing for a long time and know what you’re doing.

Time is Precious

Steve Jobs once said “It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time”.  Time is the one thing that we can never get back so it should be used wisely.  This is true for the online entrepreneur as well. Wasting time on creating your own sales funnel or system can be a huge drain on your enthusiasm and resources particularly if your sales are not what you hoped!

When systems become overwhelming most entrepreneurs will eventually give up.  This is really a shame because all the effort you put into the project will be lost and your passion for the laptop lifestyle will be diminished.


The Route of Least Resistance

If you want to get something done quickly ask a lazy person how to do it.  Well I must be lazy because I definitely would rather be spending my time fishing, hiking or playing sports than working on a sales page or funnel design or heaven forbid graphics, yuck.  I’m jealous about my time and what I spend it on.  I prefer to put systems and processes in place that do the heavy lifting for me so I can do other more important things (did I mention fishing?).

Leveraging Other Peoples Efforts

In the course of 15 years I’ve been selling online and building a couple multi million dollar companies the one thing I quickly learned is the more hands you have on a project the faster you can implement it and hopefully get results. I call this leveraging other people efforts.  Making use of other people’s talents, skills and resources is a practical and essential strategy in building your business.

Not All Things Are Equal

There are all sorts of supposedly “Done For You” marketing systems available for the internet entrepreneur but they are not all created equal.  Some systems require you to still create your own landing pages, your own follow up emails, and leave the closing of the sale to you.  In my mind this is not “done for you”.  Be careful when you’re looking at program or system and check to see exactly what you have to do.

What is Expected of You?

Generally in a quality DFY system your main function should be to drive traffic or get eyes on the sales presentation.  This can be done through various free and paid methods such as social media marketing, pay per click advertising, solo ads, YouTube videos, blogging, etc.  This is why it’s important that the program you choose has some in-house training on various traffic generation strategies.

What to Look For In a Done For You Marketing System?

Here’s what I was looking for when I did my due diligence in searching for a DFY system:

  • How long has the system been active?
  • How much work do I have to do?
  • Is it reasonably priced to join?
  • Do they have an effective sales presentation?
  • Is the look and feel of the presentation professional?
  • Is their commission structure generous?
  • Do they have a low priced front end product or service to entice sales?
  • Are there effective one time offers for up sales to make more commission?
  • Do they have high priced products on the back end to make higher commissions?
  • Do they incorporate their own email follow up autoresponder routine to promote sales?
  • Do they have a personal sales team to help “close” the higher ticket priced products?
  • Is there in-house training on how to generate leads and promote the product or system?
  • Is the system ethical and above board with quality products?

This is a pretty long list but it’s important to know what you’re getting involved in and that it will meet your needs and also that you have good potential to make a profitable business.

In fact I am involved with a couple of systems because each has their strengths and weaknesses and I like to leverage the best of both.

If you’re interested in checking out the systems I recommend and importantly that meet the above criteria then click on the links below to watch their sales presentations.

You can decide yourself if a “Done For You” marketing system is the most time effective way to build a sustainable online home business.

My Recommendations

Click Here > Legendary Marketers Club is the most “done for you” system I can find that has it all.

The Four Percent Group – this system is for the more advanced internet marketer who is more hands on.

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